Our tables, like all of our stock, were purchased new and, like with all our products, quality matters. As with all of our products, we scrutinised the tables produced by approximately ten suppliers before picking the best quality! The 18mm thick construction ensures our tables are sturdy and the splayed leg systems on all of our tables ensure that guests can sit in comfort.

Round tables

3ft round table

Typically referred to as a ‘wedding cake table’!

4ft round table

Seats 6 – 8

5ft round table

Seats 8 – 10

5ft 6 inch round table

Our most popular table for weddings or large parties seating between 8 and 11 guests.

6ft round table

Seats 10 – 12. A popular alternative to the traditional straight top table. The 6ft round table can distinguish from other guests on 5ft 6 inch round tables in a subtle way.

Oval tables

Increasingly popular for a top table. Our oval tables seat an upwards of 8 people!

Rectangular tables

We stock 6ft x 2ft 6-inch trestle tables. These can be used on their own or placed together to make long tables or tables of all different shapes and sizes.

Rustic trestle tables

These are very fashionable and look brilliant with either the Oak Cross Backed Chair or the contrast of the lighter coloured Limewashed Chairs. These are also sized at 6ft x 2ft 6 inches.