Sam & Lavinia’s June Pole Marquee Wedding 2023

29th November 2023

Sam & Lavinia’s June Pole Marquee Wedding 2023

By Henry Richardson

It is that time of the year when we begin to reminisce the warmth of summer and a pole marquee wedding. Let’s take a look back to the 10th of June 2023 when Sam & Lavinia celebrated their wedding day.

12m x 24m pole marquee in the grounds of their beautiful family home.

The sun was shining brightly on the day of the wedding, casting a warm glow over their 12m x 24m pole marquee. We built the marquee in the grounds of their beautiful family home in Sheriff Hutton, York. The garden’s lush trees and greenery made for a warm and inviting atmosphere around the marquee. A stunning archway, made from pre-existing trees, served as the perfect entrance. Therefore, our team worked together to incorporate this key feature into the marquee. We also opened a section of the marquee to provide a refreshing breeze for guests to enjoy. At Your Marquee, we want you to have the freedom to customize your events according to your preferences. We also recognize the importance of guidance in making the right decisions. Therefore, our team combines your vision with our experience to provide you with the perfect event.

Pre-existing trees turned into archway to marquee

View from house of marquee

Upon entering the marquee, the interior was furnished with oak cross-backed chairs and rustic trestle tables. The festoon lighting inside the marquee created a warm and inviting ambience, paired with twinkling fairy lights hung around the flag poles. The rustic trestle tables were embellished with white runners and delicate floral centerpieces that added a touch of natural beauty to the rustic decor. The stunning flower rings further amplified this effect, decorated with beautiful greenery and an exquisite assortment of flowers.










Outside, we strategically placed our silent generator and the luxury loos we provided behind the trees, so the fantastic garden views remained undisturbed. This generator powered everything from the catering marquee and festoon lighting, to the band and DJ!

Catering Marquee

Once the sun set and the evening began, the glow of festoon lighting shone brightly over the top of the marquee creating a magical ambiance for the wedding reception. Outdoor fire pits provided guests with a place to relax and step away from the lively atmosphere inside. As the night wore on, guests congregated around the full round bar. The music from the DJ and band had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away. Even the bride, wearing her unique bespoke light-up trainers, joined in on the fun!

Festoon lighting over the top of the marquee

Lavinia’s light-up trainers

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We also have some drone footage on our Instagram (@your_marquee). This helps give an idea of what a pole marquee wedding can look like and also the incredible power of festoon lighting! Follow this link here to see the footage from Sam & Lavinia’s wedding:

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