Final Preparations

18th May 2015

Final Preparations

By Your Marquee

As we enter the Summer season, the heat is on to finalise all of those ‘finishing touches’ that tie together your months, and possibly years, of careful planning for your big day. Here at Your Marquee, we understand the needs of our clients and strive to support your lead up to your special occasion, whether it be a wedding celebration, corporate event or even a relaxed family barbeque! Ensuring that you have catered for every aspect of your event is all part of our caring client service that distinguishes us as Yorkshire’s number one wedding and event marquee hire.

One month to go…

This is the time to check those all-important RSVP’s and know how many guests to expect at your event. Here at Your Marquee, we understand that numbers can fluctuate throughout the planning period and know the importance of being flexible in this market, supplying our clients with an up-to-date marquee format at this stage. Ensure that your chair to table ratio is proportionate in order to maximise comfort and the space of your marquee and consider the need for a small extension.

A final consideration as to what carpet colour you would like to choose is also essential at this point and the close timing allows you to study upcoming weather forecasts which may be a deciding factor. Coffee carpet has been a popular staple at Your Marquee for many years, however, and has withstood yet another test of time during a very rainy marquee erection in the Lake District this April! As always, our coffee provides a neutral, light tone whilst masking unwanted mud marks – which will not be from our team, it is worth noting, as all of our skilled workforce are renowned for politely taking off their work-boots outside whilst completing the internal of your marquee! Ensure that you have booked a heater if the forecast is looking chilly but do bear in mind that our top-of-the-range marquees will retain a nice warmth once your guests get settled in. Luckily, our thermostat heaters can be reserved at this stage and can be set at a desired temperature to further personalise your requirements.

Two weeks to go…

Your table plan is organised, the outfits are ready, you are checking the weather daily with all fingers crossed. Don’t forget to settle the remaining amount on your marquee hire and finalise the setup and takedown dates in advance. At Your Marquee, we listen to our client’s wishes and strive to complete the marquee erection as early in the week as possible, allowing you to decorate your marquee in good time. This would be a good time to source all of those handy decoration tools such as stepladders and cable ties to fix your accessories to our solid marquee frames. Many clients have used these tools to hang bunting, paper lanterns and even substantial flower hanging baskets – if you are unsure about the weight of your accessory being supported on our frames, drop us a line.

The final week…

This is our time to shine. Once erection has been completed, our Operations Manager will ensure that you are happy with our work and will require you to be there for the ‘handover’, where you will be briefed on how to operate the generator, heater, dimmer lights, electrical points, reveal curtain and window openings. We welcome any questions that you may have at this stage but, most of all, enjoy seeing the high satisfaction of our clients and, furthermore, the realisation that the special day is finally upon them…

The day…

Your Marquee are out of site but never out of mind. We are always on hand for our clients need, should there ever be an unlikely requirement to contact us on the day of the event. Sit back, relax and enjoy this day.

The day after..

Yes you heard right! Why not utilise your marquee to the maximum by continuing the celebrations with a family bbq, family member’s birthday or any other excuse the next day? Here at Your Marquee, we are not precious about end-timings or paying for the cost of one event only per marquee hire. We actively encourage our clients to get the most out of their marquee and furniture hire and enjoy the experience further before we pack up and return your event location to exactly the same condition that we arrived in, recommending a bit of extra TLC for your lawned area, if this was the base, in order for usual colour and density to be restored. We recommend the same for your guests as required….!

We look forward to a wonderful Summer and wish all of our clients a calm and peaceful run up to their occasion.