Value marquee hire: use one marquee for multiple events

5th May 2015

Value marquee hire: use one marquee for multiple events

By Your Marquee

Giving a celebration that ‘wow’ factor whilst working to a budget is the single greatest event planning challenge you’re ever likely to face. It’s a real puzzler, but over the years we’ve noticed one particular trend amongst some of our more financially savvy clients that affords them the opportunity to build events around our luxury marquees, at value marquee hire rates..

Two events are better than one 

The secret to furnishing your event with a beautiful marquee on a budget is wonderfully simple: hire the marquee for a number of days and use it for multiple events. As you’d imagine, it costs us far more to transport, erect or take down a marquee than it costs to leave one in situ, which means the cost of keeping a marquee at your event is relatively low. By holding two or more consecutive events during a hire period, you can slash your marquee hire costs for each event.

Which events can run consecutively?

Provided there’s no distracting overlap, just about any pairing of events can be held consecutively. Examples we’ve encountered include corporate functions followed by birthday parties for teenagers, wedding anniversary celebrations followed by family garden parties, celebrations for family members followed by celebrations for friends, and events with live entertainment followed by picnics; in short, just about any occasion you’d ever expect to hire a marquee for!

Benefits beyond your wallet

Hiring a marquee for consecutive events offers numerous benefits beyond saving money. For one thing, it’s a way to reduce the carbon footprint created by your events, with the cumulative distance traveled by our delivery vehicles halved in one fell swoop. Holding two events in a row is also a great way to make sure your friends and family from far afield can be with you to join in with both celebrations, without racking up a serious travel bill. You also stand to make savings on hiring other equipment and services, from catering to entertainment.

The next time you find yourself preparing to book a marquee for an event, just take a moment to consider the possibility of lining up another celebration on the following or preceding day; do so and you stand to enjoy more marquee for your money.

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