Party on with portable dancefloor hire from Your Marquee

29th April 2015

Party on with portable dancefloor hire from Your Marquee

By Your Marquee

In some cases, putting arrangements in place for an evening’s entertainment can turn into a party planner’s Everest. Not so with Your Marquee. From portable dancefloor hire to advice on solving logistical conundrums, we’ve got your entertainment covered. 

Disco down with portable dancefloor hire in Yorkshire

We’d be hard-pressed to name the most important component of our marquee hires (excluding the marquee itself!), but from a certain point in the evening onwards we might be tempted to say it’s our portable dancefloors. Heat-sealed for mark-resistance and smoothness, our dancefloors are safe and attractive. Available for hire with or without our marquees, they can transform any venue into a bona fide discotheque of the highest class. You’ll never feel like braving town on a Saturday night again!

Our portable dancefloors are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes, the most popular of which include 14ft x 14ft, 16ft x 16ft, 18ft x 18ft, 20ft x 20ft, 22ft x 22ft and 24ft x 24ft. Available in gloss black, gloss white, or gloss black-and-white.

We also provide generator hire, ensuring your party is fully powered at all times.

Safe and secure fun

With equipment hire from Your Marquee, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the safety of your guests has been thoroughly accounted for. Every item in our inventory is rigorously maintained and tested for health and safety compliance, and our marquees are fully weatherproofed. We see no reason why a dancefloor in a marquee shouldn’t be as safe to use as a dancefloor in a ballroom.

Entertainment ideas 

Our marquees can comfortably accommodate all kinds of entertainment, from live bands and DJs to dancers, jugglers, magicians, you name it. Even if you think your ideal entertainment would be hard to facilitate, there’s normally a way to make it happen – and our marquees are often the key to solving the problem! Maybe you want to entertain your guests with music, but you’re worried about making too much noise? Hire a silent disco DJ and turn a marquee into a super-stealthy headphone party venue. Want to put on a fantastic firework display whatever the weather? Just hire a marquee and let your guests watch from a safe distance, under cover and in comfort.

However you intend to make your party sparkle, contact Your Marquee today for advice or a free quote.