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As of 2018 Your Marquee Ltd will be welcoming a new rustic range to our repertoire.

Pole Marquees are a fantastic addition to our already extensive range of marquees. These will allow us to offer a completely different style while maintaining our own very high standards.

Pole marquee hire in Yorkshire

Our pole marquees will be able to accommodate any number of guests and we can advise on how best to fit dancefloors, bars, and chillout areas. The fashionable feature of the type of pole marquee we stock is that they do not require any additional interior lining due to the roof being decoratively designed at manufacture. Canvas textured PVC provides a waterproof easy clean surface to promote any style or colour scheme you may want. Going hand in hand with the octagonal wooden beams finished in a natural coloured varnish left on show to become a focal point of any event.

Our pole marquees feature max clear panoramic windows, and are also slightly higher than most, which not only looks very impressive, but gives enough head room at the sides to allow the inside to all be useable space. No banging your head on low sides in our structures!

Festoon lighting & Fairy lights are a perfect match for the Celeste Marquees. They help to reinforce the stylistic shapes and lines while not providing too bright a light.

While interior lining is not required it is very popular for our customers to add some decoration of their own and a personal touch. Bunting and flowers are the most frequently used but the options are endless. We are happy to decorate your Celeste Pole Marquee under your close instruction.

Here at Your Marquee, we are all firm believers that a hard wood flooring is essential for any marquee. Especially in the UK where you can never rule out the chance of rain. A sodden ground to being covered in matting isn’t going to make for a very luxurious environment. We believe that we are the only Celeste Pole Marquee provider in Yorkshire that is also offering a hard-wooden flooring specially made in house to the exact shape of the marquee. This will eliminate the risk of puddles inside the marquee and women’s heels going through the matting due to sodden ground (health & Safety nightmare). Not to mention how much better it will be at keeping in the warmth, making for a cosier atmosphere. Our flooring is covered in matting to keep the look of this type of structure whilst still being extremely practical.

Of course, we will be aiming to keep the vintage, rustic styling of the Celeste Pole Marquee just with a Your Marquee practical twist (the solid flooring). All our equipment will stand up against European conditions and have been wind tested up to a staggering 70mph making them one of the more robust temporary structures available.

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A massive thank you for providing the marquee and all the accompanying bits and pieces for Matt and Beth’s wedding. It looked stunning and the clear gable ends a great new addition

Julia, August 2017