Fridge Trailers – one of our newest accessories

In the current cold weather it might be hard to imagine a summer wedding and struggling to chill the drink down to temperature because the sun is beaming down on the site… But, believe it or not, it does get hot! And everyone likes a cold beverage! In certain situations a fridge trailer can also be used to store food for the caterer/for yourselves and for anything from a one day wedding to weekend festival this can be very useful.
Advantages to hiring a fridge trailer include:
– Drink nicely chilled and your caterer/bar company will get drinks from the trailer as and when required.
– Food kept at fridge temperature which of course extends lifespan and ensures its safe to consume.
– Security – alcohol and other valuable items can be locked away inside the fridge trailer securely. This is another big advantage.
– No big clumsy fridges inside the marquee are required which take up space.
– Free delivery and collection included to locations close to our base.
– Large storage area – for compact areas, the amount of drink and food you can fit in is enormous. They come fitted with shelving down one side and in a full height trailer you can get a lot in them.
– Quick chilling (unlike small fridges) and well insulated.